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Hitman release date and new trailer shown off at Square Enix conference

Hitman release date

We got our first glimpse of the new Hitman game last night, but IO Interactive dropped a few more nuggets of information at the Square Enix conference today, along with a release date and another trailer.

“Everything we do with this game, lays the foundation for the series,” said IO. The studio is calling it an alive, ever expanding world of assassination, which IO will keep adding to, including special missions that task all players with hunting a specific target, who, if they escape, is gone forever. They want players to come together to figure out these assassination puzzles.

On top of this is the regular Agent 47 shenanigans, sending the bald killer around the world, from Paris to Marrakech. Apparently, it will be the largest, most detailed, most populated Hitman game they’ve ever made.

Honestly, though, it’s not the size that matters in Hitman. One of the few solid missions in Absolution was the Chinatown mission, with one big market square and a murder sandbox.

Hitman will be released on December 8th for PC and consoles, Square Enix announced at its press conference.