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Dead by Daylight has a new horror game rival, available to try now

Dead by Daylight and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may dominate multiplayer horror, but a new contender is available to try now on Steam.

Hitori Kakurenbo Online Steam: A teenager is attacked in new Steam horror game Hitori Kakurenbo Online

Dead by Daylight. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Lethal Company. If you want great multiplayer horror, whether it’s co-op or asymmetrical, there are plenty of good options right now. But a new contender to the esteemed DBD throne is trying something a little different. Dead by Daylight is one killer against four survivors. Texas Chainsaw Massacre mixes that up with multiple murderers per lobby. Available to try now on Steam, a fresh take on the multiplayer horror formula adds bigger lobbies and quicker, replayable matches.

This is Hitori Kakurenbo Online, a new multiplayer horror game based on a real-world viral trend whereby teenagers perform a sinister, ancient ritual to give life to an inanimate doll. As you might imagine, in the game, this quickly backfires, and the doll begins hunting down the content-creating adolescents one by one. Where Dead by Daylight pits one killer against four survivors, rounds of Hitori Kakurenbo Online are bigger – one player is the doll, and you can run custom games with up to six teenaged victims. It’s also designed to be quicker and more accessible, with shorter, punchier matches and high replayability.

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Running for their lives around a huge suburban home, the survivors need to complete a series of objectives in order to win. They can hide in closets, under beds, and elsewhere, and also find items that can wound or repel the murderous doll, giving them a precious few seconds to escape.

Each teenager also has two unique abilities, one positive, one negative, which can aid or impede their chances of survival. Doll mains on the other hand can customize their bloodthirsty little character with outfits, skins, and different weapons.

The Hitori Kakurenbo Online Early Access release date is set for Thursday February 29. In the meantime, however, a free demo is available to play right now, right here. If you want an alternative to Dead by Daylight with a dark sense of humor, it’s well worth your attention.

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