Long awaited Homestuck adventure game, Hiveswap, finally comes to Steam Greenlight

Hiveswap Episode One

In an announcement that Kickstarter backers have been waiting upwards of four years for, the Homestuck adventure game Hiveswap has at last made it to Steam Greenlight. Acting as the first section in a four part adventure, Hiveswap episode 1 is set to launch in January 2017, allowing players to finally go on the planet-hopping adventures of Joey Claire.

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For those who aren’t familiar with Homestuck, it is a gargantuan webcomic which started back in April 2009 and finished in October of this year, following the stories of a group of friends who accidentally bring about the end of the world by playing the beta copy of an unreleased videogame. The actual story is way more complicated than that, spanning thousands of individual comics, hundreds of hours of animation and spawning an incredibly dedicated fan base over its seven year run. The series is so popular, that the initial Kickstarter back in 2012 holds the record for the fifth Kickstarter game to reach seven figures and the third largest videogame Kickstarter during in its funding phase.

Initially planned to be developed by the Odd Gentlemen, Hiveswap is now being developed in-house by Andrew Hussie and the folks at What Pumpkin. Hiveswap also contains music from Undertale creator Toby Fox, who is a massive Homestuck fan and provided tracks for the original webcomic. Don’t worry if you aren’t already a fan of Homestuck before jumping into Hiveswap, this adventure has no direct ties to the storyline of the webcomic and features a whole new cast of characters for players to interact with. If you like the style of storytelling and comedy in Hiveswap, it may be the jumping off point for people to finally get into Homestuck.

Hiveswap rocketed to the front of the Steam community page within hours of its announcement and reached number two on the highest voted Greenlight games, so it’s fair to say Hiveswap will be coming to Steam.The teaser trailer for episode one of Hiveswap can be found above and make sure to check out the game’s Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight pages for additional information on this long-awaited adventure game.

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