Animal Crossing-like Hokko Life hits Steam Early Access today

Spend some time fishing or redecorating and building furniture

Animal Crossing is among a heap of Nintendo games that may never grace the shores of PC, though that doesn’t mean other developers aren’t running with the ideas they are built on. If you’re looking for a cosy management sim that’ll put you in mind of Animal Crossing, you may want to give Hokko Life a whirl.

The tranquil island game hits Steam Early Access at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 5pm BST, and features plenty of things reminiscent of Nintendo’s beloved, long-running series. You’re getting the creative freedom to alter shapes, materials, and colours to design everything from the clothes on your back to your villagers’ houses. You’ll need to do plenty of resource gathering to fund your creative ideas, too, going deep into the forests for wood, and down into the caves for rocks.

It’s not all work, though. When you’re not chatting to the villagers who come to your island, you can spend time relaxing by a pond while you fish or darting around after bugs as you try and hook ’em in your net.

Here’s the trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

Hokko Life will set you back $19.99 / £15.99 / €19.99 on Steam if you fancy picking it up. If you’re looking for more PC games like Animal Crossing, you know where to click.