Hollow Knight fan vows to post poor drawings every day until Silksong releases

There's already 320 of them!

I, like many people, can’t wait for Hollow Knight‘s follow-up Silksong. Heck, I’m even listening to the soundtrack right now. Unfortunately, however, there is no Hollow Knight: Silksong release date to mark down in our calendars. That’s okay, though, as the community is coming up with plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained.

One has taken to poorly drawing the Hollow Knight until the sequel eventually releases. The Reddit user is quite serious about that, too, and has already whipped up 320 of said sketches. The content of the art shifts from picture to picture – the recent one is a meme of Smash Bros. while others are references to the holidays. My favourites are the crossovers that range from Mario Kart to Undertale.

Fans have kept themselves busy in other ways, too. One is battling through the Path of Pain level every day until – you guessed it – Silkong comes out. You know what? Fair play to them. I did it once and vowed never to return. If you’ve been out of the loop, Path of Pain is a sub-area of White Palace that can be accessed by breaking a destructible wall in the room above the lift. There’s oodles of platforming, and it’s very hard.

As for when Silksong will come out, the last we heard from developer Team Cherry was that it wouldn’t be until it “matches the quality and scale of Hollow Knight”. Team Cherry is also holding off on announcing a release date until it’s confident it can hit it. Given the state of game dev and COVID-19, that certainly seems wise.

Day 320 of poorly drawing hollow knight until silksong comes out from HollowKnight

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