Holy tessellation: ogle Arkham Origins as enhanced by Nvidia’s PhysX


On this day in 2003, you were probably chatting excitedly to an acquaintance about physics in games – the possibility of pushing giant cogs from the rafters in Thief III, or shooting arrows into leaning buckets in the next Elder Scrolls. How quaint you were, standing there with that haircut on. You know the one.

Now we know better. PhysX is the thing, and the new Batman is its venue.

Fog and shadow has been the intangible stuff of Batman in all his various multiverse guises, so it seems a shame to limit the best versions of both to players who happened to buy a recent Nvidia card rather than the competitor’s alternative. But y’know, s’nice:

And all without recourse to a single toad.

It’s news to me that the events of Arkham Origins play out over Christmas, which seems almost too specific a timeframe for an open-world game. Like Phil Spector’s Yuletide album, I expect I’ll forget to play it every year until March, when it’s out of season and therefore a no-no.

So what d’you reckon? Is the shadow of a footprint “really crazy”? Or can you do without?

Thanks, RPS.