Honkai Star Rail’s Dr Ratio is a new sexy meme lord

Honkai Star Rail's new Imaginary character, Dr Ratio, is, if you couldn't tell from the name, a walking meme - with some rather nice abs.

An anime man with black hair wearing a white tank top with a blue scarf holding a book in a prismatic background

The newest addition to the Honkai Star Rail roster is Dr. Ratio – yes, you read that right. An Imaginary character that thrives on The Hunt, he’s a four-star killing machine that will hopefully shred through even the most elite bosses. He’s also a walking meme, but at least he’s nice to look at.

Unveiled on the official Honkai Star Rail Twitter account, Dr. Ratio is the anime game‘s newest Imaginary character. The post opens with the quote: “The most annoying thing about idiocy is that you can’t explain it to an idiot,” which certainly paints an interesting picture.

HoYoverse describes Dr. Ratio as “a candid and self-centered Intelligentsia Guild member, who often conceals his appearance with a strange plaster sculpture.

“He demonstrated unparalleled intelligence and talent since his youth, but now refers to himself as a ‘Mundanite.’ He firmly believes that intellect and creativity are not confined to geniuses. He seeks to distribute knowledge to the entire universe to cure the persistent disease named ignorance.”

A tweet from the official Honkai Star Rail account showing off new character Dr Ratio

Now, I don’t know about you, but that makes me want to go ‘haha ratio kekw XD.’ While Dr. Ratio will clearly have his uses in Star Rail – we love a single-target damage dealer – his entire persona feels like a meme. Whether HoYoverse meant that or not is unclear – but I’m pretty sure it did.

“TAKE THIS RATIO,” reads one comment, pulling in over 4k likes at the time of writing. “L + RATIO” says another. I’m really glad it isn’t just me that noticed this, just saying.

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But a lot of the other comments are focusing on Dr. Ratio’s looks – after all, he certainly has that Imaginary mystique about him. “HIS ARMS OMG,” “He looks freaking majestic” – you get the drift. And y’know what, they’re not wrong.

So, basically, Honkai Star Rail’s new character is a sexy meme; I’m here for it, are you? If so, then you’d better check out our list of all the currently active Honkai Star Rail codes to snag some free Stellar Jade. It’s also worth perusing our Honkai Star Rail tier list to make sure you don’t get ratioed in game – ha ha, very funny.