Horizon Zero Dawn patch rewrites shaders for better optimisation

"With Patch 1.07 the team has rewritten the way the engine deals with shaders and shader optimisation"

The latest Horizon Zero Dawn patch is here. The RPG game’s 1.07 update has gone live, bringing some pretty big changes to how it handles graphics under the hood, addressing “some of the trickier graphical issues” in the game.

“With Patch 1.07 the team has rewritten the way the engine deals with shaders and shader optimisation,” the latest update from developer Guerrilla Games announces on the open-world game’s website. “This results in the optimisation step becoming optional, as well as the anisotropic filtering option now working as expected.” What this means is that, going forward, booting up the game will kick off a process of shader optimisation in HZD’s main menu. Shaders will still get optimised as you’re playing, too, “but this now happens automatically in the background”, the studio confirms.

The first step of shader optimisation is totally optional, Guerrilla says, so you won’t need to sit through it if you’re hungry to just dive in. But, as you’d expect, letting the game do its thing before hopping into gameplay will mean quicker loading times.

As for that anisotropic filtering fix, it looks like we can expect the game to look even prettier going forward, as distant surfaces seen at certain angles should now look clearer and sleeker with the feature working correctly.

You can find the patch notes in full on the studio’s site here. While you’re here, you can also take a peep at our rundown of the best PC games around if you’re on the lookout for some other goodies to dip into soon.