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Hotline Miami 2 launching in Q3: Something old, something new, something weird, something violent

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number to release in Q3

I like to throw guns at people in Hotline Miami. I don’t really like shooting people, finding it a little rude. Also, bullets run out. So I throw guns and feel good about myself. I hope to continue my gun-throwing antics in Q3 this year, when Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number comes out, according to the developer via Twitter

I once threw a gun at a dog, though, and felt pretty bad about that. 

Dennaton Games also hinted at some of the content, vaguely.

Nothing less than we should expect. Hopefully some of the weird things involve guns exploding when you throw them. I could very much get down with that sort of mayhem. What the tweets don’t mention is if it’s going to be a staggered release, appear on PC first – as with the original – or release on all platforms at once.