Palmer Luckey is asking Reddit if he should buy Vive from HTC

HTC Vive

Palmer Luckey is asking Reddit if he should buy Vive from HTC. And yes, he means the company, not the headset (he already has one of those, he says).

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And that’s it. No context. No musings. He’s just curious “what the response from r/Oculus [andr/Vive – he cross-posted to both] will be.”

“Is this a shitpost? I know palmer loves a good shitpost, but I can’t tell,” one confused Redditerasks, whereas another insists: “It would be the greatest meme in VR history. Please do it.” Many of others say sure, but “please don’t sell it to Facebook.”

Regrettably, Luckey’s not replied to any of the commenters just yet. We’ll keep you posted if that changes, though.

Palmer Luckey sold Oculus to Facebook three years ago for over $2 billion, but walked away from the company in March. Luckey co-founded Oculus and has always been the public face of the company, helping with the early prototypes, and even hand-delivering the first consumer kit to a pre-order purchaser in Alaska.

Oh, and here’s a reminder that he once cosplayed asMetal Gear Solid 5’s Quiet.You’re welcome.