Not so humble bundle brings together a selection of highly rated titles

Humble Very Positive Bundle Underrail Crashlands Curious Expedition Stephens Sausage Roll

If, like me, you’re somewhat hesitant to invest in game bundles owing to their tendency to sneak in a stinker or two, perhaps you should take a look at the latest humble bundle. The aptly named Humble Very Positive Bundle contains a fairly diverse mixture of games with a single thing in common, they all have a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam.

Can’t spare a single dollar? These free Steam games should keep you entertained.

Shelling out the $1 minimum will bag you Super Mega Baseball: Exta Innings (90% positive), The Deadly Tower of Monsters Special Edition (90% positive), and They Bleed Pixels (88% positive). Beating the average donation ($6.26 at the time of writing) gets you Hacket (93% positive), Crashlands (90% positive), and UnderRail (88%). Finally, if you can stretch to more than $10, you’ll be treated to Stephen’s Sausage Roll (99% positive) and Curious Expedition (89% positive).

Check out the whole bundle over at the Humble Bundle website.