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Humble Choice offers a dozen cheap PC games for January

You want a selection of cheap games in one bundle? Humble Bundle's still here for you

Dirt Rally 2 Porsche

We’re still in the early days of the Humble Choice bundle – a reconfigured and rebranded version of the venerable Humble Monthly subscription. While it’s still essentially a complicated price increase, the first Humble Choice offered up a solid selection of games, and the February edition of the bundle is following suit.

You’ve got a dozen games to choose from this time, though you can only claim up to nine of them. The basic, $14.99 USD subscription lets you choose three games, while the $19.99 subscription lets you choose from nine. If you’ve hung onto the classic plan from Humble Monthly, you’ll continue paying $12 and get to keep ten games.

The options include triple-A orc murder sim Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, macabre Stardew Valley-like Graveyard Keeper, kitschy medical manager Two-Point Hospital, popular racing title Dirt Rally 2.0, Capcom fighting game Street Fighter V, and tactical roguelike Bad North: Jotunn Edition. As always, the collection is rounded out with some lesser known indies: Trailmakers, Unrailed, Whispers of a Machine, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, Mages of Mystralia, and GRIP: Combat Racing.

You can head to the official site to grab the bundle. Or check out some free PC games if ‘cheap’ just isn’t cheap enough for you.