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Humble drops its monthly bundle prices (yay), introduces its own PC launcher (boo)

Humble is shaking up its monthly subscription yet again

A cloaked enemy in Humble Games' Void Bastards

Humble has been heavily experimenting with how to present its bundles since Humble Monthly was ended in favour of Humble Choice, and the response from long-time users of the store have been mixed. Now prices are dropping for that bundle starting in February, and as part of the revamp, Humble is trying to add yet another app to your ever-growing collection of PC game launchers.

Starting with the February bundle, the Humble Choice price is dropping to $11.99 USD, and that single price will get you access to every game in the collection. “The exact number of games might vary each month”, but you will keep permanent access to any games you’ve picked up through the bundle. Keys for these games will continue to be provided through keys for platforms like Steam, Origin, Epic, and GOG.

Then there’s the Humble app. Through this app, Humble will provide access to a Game Pass-style selection of games for the duration of your subscription, starting with Forager, Wizard of Legend, Dodgeball Academia, Unsighted, and Void Bastards. The old Humble Trove is becoming the Vault, which will continue to offer a selection of DRM-free bonus indie games, as always.

You’ll get a 10% discount on store purchases as a Humble Choice subscriber, and the discount will slowly grow to 20% over the course of one year. If you skip a month or cancel in the middle of that period, the discount resets.

It’s all still a bit byzantine, but an official FAQ breaks down the most pertinent details.