Humble Double Fine Bundle: “I can taste the value”


Having already had one exclusive Humble Bundle back when they ran the Amnesia Fortnight Bundle, you would have thought Double Fine would have other things to do than offer all their lovely and awesome games in a low price juicy package.

Luckily, they don’t so read on to find out how you can buy Brutal Legend, Stacking, Psychonauts, and Costume Quest for less than $10.

You go here.

Also, Double Fine and the Humble folk have put together a cracking video for the two week run:

As well as being DRM-free, each of the games in the bundle is playable on PC, Mac, and Linux.

Pay more than $35 and you’ll even net yourself a copy of the as yet unfinished Broken Age. This is the point’n’click adventure game Double Fine Kickstarted last year. You’ll become a slacker backer of the game (their name for folk who purchased access after the Kickstarter campaign) and get all the benefits that come with it.

That slacker access is really very good. I’m loving each episode of the 2 Player Productions documentary that’s being produced alongside the game. a highlight of each month.