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Humble Store Rewards let you decide between 5% extra for charity or money in your wallet

Humble Store Rewards

Now Humble Store purchases come bundled with a moral quandary. Thanks to Humble Store Rewards, when you purchase a game on the service now, you’re asked whether you want to give 5% to charity or stuff it in your virtual wallet. 

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As always, a portion of your purchase goes to charity as it is, though now you need to decide who gets the other 5%.

It’s not so much a moral dilemma as you might initially think, though. I mean, a full-priced triple-A game would get you a few dollars, and it’s stuck in your wallet – you can only spend it there.

You’re probably going to top up that wallet to get something, therefore spending more money and sending more to charity. It’s win-win and there’s no need to feel guilty.

If you go to the Humble Store front page, you’ll see the option to toggle the 5% between your wallet and charity is live near the top of the page.