Check out the most bizarre new gaming keyboard we’ve seen at CES 2024

The new Hyte Keeb TKL has a ridiculous 155 LED array in the midst of its chassis - enough it's warm to the touch - and two weird volume rollers.

Hyte Keeb TKL 01

You’ve got to hand it to Hyte, the only three-year-old company that was created by iBuypower and in a single stroke revolutionized the PC case market with its angled corner panel case design. Now it seems it’s trying to do something similar again by bringing out easily the most outlandish gaming keyboard design we’ve quite possibly ever seen, the Hyte Keeb TKL.

Leaning fully into memetastic territory with its naming, the new best gaming keyboard contender has not only a frankly ridiculous 155 RGB LEDs inside it but also has a very strange shape. It’s all curvy on the underside and sides then raises up at the back so that the clear plastic can bring the LED light show up round to the back of the keyboard.

Then, in the top left corner is a massive pair of volume roller/encoders. These by default control volume and the lighting but can be programmed to control all manner of other things.

Hyte Keeb TKL 02

The TKL-layout board uses Hyte’s own Fluffy Lavender Linear keyswitches that comes pre-lubed. It also has doubleshot PBT keycaps (the ones that mean the key legends don’t wear away) and, notably, the key legends are quite clear, which can often not be the case with doubleshot PBT.

The keycaps also have a different shape or profile to typical mehcanical gaming keyboards. They come to a narrower, rounder point at the top, making for large gaps between the tops of the keys. We quite liked the feel but some users may find it takes some getting used to.

Available to order now with shipping expected to start February 15, 2024, the Hyte Keeb TKL will cost $180, which is reasonably competitive for this much RGB in a premium TKL keyboard.

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