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Team Fortress 2 and Deathloop inspire thrilling new FPS, playable now

I Am Your Beast is a stylish, fast-paced FPS set to a roaring techno soundtrack with a John Wick-style story of revenge and subterfuge.

a man getting punched so hard his goggles shatter

Strange Scaffold has quickly become one of my favorite indie studios. From my introduction to its games with Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator to Sunshine Shuffle, it just keeps putting out hits. Its latest is inspired by the likes of Team Fortress 2 and Deathloop – I Am Your Beast has one of the best Steam Next Fest demos I’ve played.

Strange Scaffold proved it could do action with El Paso, Elsewhere, but I Am Your Beast cranks everything up to 11. This FPS game combines the quasi cartoonish aesthetic of Team Fortress 2 with the meticulous level crafting of Deathloop to produce a fast, action-packed shooter that kept delaying this article because I wanted to try just one more time to beat my high score.

You play as secret agent Alphonse Harding, living alone in the woods, trying to put his past as a government killer behind him. It’s surprisingly poetic for an action game, and the dialogue is incredibly witty. The tutorial level took me through the forest as Harding marveled at a bird in flight, only to witness it be shot down by agents sent to force him to return for one last mission. He snapped, killed them all, and then I was thrust into the action proper.

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Harding has an air of John Wick about him. He’s feared and respected by all in his world, and he dispatches them without mercy. Each level is timed, and you gain extra precious seconds by killing. The more stylish and unique the kill, the more time is added to the clock. I jumped on enemy heads after deftly climbing up trees like Faith in Mirror’s Edge, threw my spent pistols at them when the bullets ran out, and stomped on them as they lay on the ground writhing in pain. All to a ferocious techno soundtrack that brilliantly juxtaposes the snowy, woodland setting and had my pulse quickened throughout.

When you knock an enemy to the ground or kill them, their weapon flies toward you. You catch it in midair to keep your killstreak going and keep the seconds from dwindling too quickly. The shotguns are weighty, knives are blindingly fast, and pistols can one tap an agent with a well-aimed headshot — which nets you bonus time. There are also exploding barrels that you can use to take out clusters of enemies, and then you need to dash to the escape hatch before the clock hits zero. The more time you have at the end of a level, the higher the score, and this, combined with the smooth shooting and slick movement, is ridiculously moreish.

If you want to try I Am Your Beast out for yourself before its August 15 release date, you can get the Steam Next Fest demo right here.

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