How to kill bears in Icarus

For some prospectors, they can pose a bear-y big problem - here’s how to kill bears in Icarus

Icarus Bear Image from Loading Screen

In Icarus, the new multiplayer survival game from RocketWerkz, there’s nothing worse than traveling far from your base just to die to an angry grizzly ambush. Prospectors first encounter bears in the game’s Forest biome, the starting location for most lower-level missions. Therefore, players are likely to face these aggressive enemies before they have the proper armour and weapons to combat them. Later in the game, players can easily take down bears with just a few shots from a hunting rifle or shotgun. However, since players typically begin missions without the resources to craft firearms, it’s helpful to know some tricks for fending off bears in the early game.

It’s possible to outrun or outmanoeuvre bears, but it’s not easy. The only sure-fire way to not get ripped apart by bears in Icarus is to avoid them altogether. Whenever you come across one, use the game’s noise meter to your advantage. If there’s a bear nearby, stay quiet by crouching and moving in stealth. As you explore the terrain, always listen for growling sounds, which indicate a bear in the area.

Unfortunately, players are bound to find themselves facing bears every once in a while. When you inevitably encounter a bear in Icarus, here’s how to kill it before it kills you.

How to kill bears in Icarus

Attack from High Ground

If you spot the bear before it spots you, attack it with a bow and arrow from a high position. Try to find an overlook with a steep enough incline that the bear can’t scale it. However, if there’s no overlook in sight, construct a makeshift platform using wood beams as support. Then, build a ramp or ladder to reach the top. In Icarus, animals can climb ramps, so deconstruct any ramps once you’re on the platform.

Shooting at the bear will trigger its attack. Since you’re on the platform, the bear will attack the structure’s pillars to try to knock you down. But, if you’ve secured your structure with several beams, it will take the animal some time to break it. Use this time to shoot from a safe position above the bear while it’s busy attacking the structure.

Bear Attack in Icarus

Get in the Water

If a bear chases you, head for a body of water. Players can drop below the water surface in Icarus, but bears can’t. As a result, the bear can’t attack someone deep under water. Players can still use their weapons underwater; use a bow and arrow or spear to attack the bear from a safe distance without taking damage.

The Matador Technique

In Icarus, bears attack in a pattern. Use their attack pattern to your advantage with some perfectly-timed hits. Let them run at you, then step away at the very last moment while stabbing at their heads or drawing your bow to land a critical blow. Then, as the bear resets its attack stance, run past the animal to give yourself some distance until it tries attacking you again. Repeat this until you’ve killed it. A person who lands several critical hits on the bear’s head before losing all their HP will survive to tell the tale.

Bear Charges from a Distance in Icarus

Tips on how to kill bears in Icarus

Remember to bring a bedroll, a firepit, and some essential wood construction pieces when exploring. Use these items to build makeshift shelters in cave entrances and set the bedroll as your spawn point as you progress through the mission. That way, if you die to a bear attack, you’ll respawn near the attack site and can quickly retrieve your items.

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When it comes to fighting bears in Icarus, preparation is key. If you find yourself a frequent victim of lethal bear attacks, spend some time leveling your character and gear to gain the upper hand in the next encounter.

Icarus launches on December 4 and is available for purchase on Steam. The game’s creators recently revealed that Icarus will use Nvidia RTXGI’s new Infinite Scrolling Volumes feature, which will significantly enhance the game’s lighting.