If you’re playing Titanfall on an Intel graphics card, you’ll want this

Integrate graphics, by all means - but why not integrate men into mechs too?

Titanfall has landed; here’s our Titanfall review.

Don’t fell a Titan without recourse to this graphics driver – or risk marginally inferior performance and graphical glitches. That’s the dire warning issued by Respawn Entertainment yesterday – and they really ought to know.

We all pushed Respawn’s FPS debut to its ‘insane’ setting limits with Nvidia whatjimacallits and AMD thingamajigs for our Titanfall first impressions – but what we didn’t mention is that it also runs surprisingly well on low-spec PCs.

Respawn have pointed Intel users to a beta driver, which should work wonders for those integrated cards you find in recent laptops.

Intel say the driver is “specifically intended to test compatibility with Titanfall and Thief”, and is designed for PCs running either their 4th Generation processors with 5100/5200 Iris pro graphics, their 4th Generation processors with 5000/4600/4400/4200 graphics, or their 3rd Generation processors with 4000/2500 graphics.

Titanfall also runs impressively well on Microsoft’s Surface Pros, but for some graphical glitches. This driver fixes those – though early testers have reported it’s not downloadable on the tablets just yet.

I’m hopeful that Titanfall can overtake Warface as my go-to laptop shooter. Its Generations mode should ensure player progression lasts about forever. How about you?