Imperator: Rome is the next grand strategy game from Paradox

imperator rome release date

The next game from the grand strategy specialists at Paradox Development Studio is Imperator: Rome. Announced today at Paradox Con, the historical strategy title will begin in the early days Rome at 302 BC, covering the development of Rome’s rule all the way through the Roman Empire centuries later.

Paradox say this will be their most detailed map ever, allowing you to take control of any nation in the Mediterranean region and guide history how you see fit. You’ll manage a roster of characters (rendered in “more human-like” art) with their own skills and traits across your nation, and keep track of diverse populations each with their own culture and religion as you take care of each segment of your rule.

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Those diverse denizens also factor into your military options, with different cultures having different approaches to war. Romans and Celts won’t fight the same, and that means you can unlock unique units and abilities depending on who you command.

Governing across the ancient Mediterranean region will allow you to take control of a variety of government types, whether that be the classical Roman senate, a traditional monarchy, or a tribal system where you’ll have to answer to the clans for your actions. You’ll want to keep your people happy lest your appointed governors turn toward rebellion, taking your armies and leaving you unequipped to deal with your other issues or barbarian raids.

imperator rome map

Provincial resources can offer bonuses to the local region, or can be traded to expand the area’s coffers. Investment in buildings, roads, and defences will also be essential to keeping your citizens satisfied.

Imperator: Rome is distinct from the oft-requested Europa Universalis: Rome 2, but Paradox say it fits well within the grand strategy style they’re known for – and it should, since it’s designed by longtime PDS veteran Johan Andersson. You can expect to bend ancient Rome to your rule sometime in 2019.