Betrayer stabs Early Access in the back in favour of full Steam release

Those lovely reds are only going to make things worse once that spaniard starts sticking us with pointy items.

Betrayer is out now; heres’ our Betrayer review.

Betrayer’s black-and-white art style ensures it stands out in the screenshots, but it doesn’t need monochrome to differentiate itself (not least because the FPS genre is hardly drowning in colour as it is).

No: open-world survivalism, some early Monolith pedigree, and a death system sourced from ye olde MMOs is more than enough to make Betrayer stand apart.

And now it’s left Steam Early Access, it turns out you can turn the colour back on anyway. See the greenery turned green and plenty else besides in Betrayer’s launch trailer.

Gosh, those Spaniards are really angry. We must have betrayed practically everyone on the island that makes up Betrayer’s explorable environment.

Betrayer’s team at Blackpowder Games features key staff from No One Lives Forever and FEAR, and definitely errs towards the latter in terms of vibe. But its arrows-in-the-long-grass thing is more Far Cry than anything Monolith have ever turned their Tron-neon hand to.

Perhaps that’s your sort of thing? I imagine Blackpowder have gnawed their fingers down to stumps after launching just as the Steam store went offline for an afternoon – so maybe visit the Betrayer page to consider buying it for a not-unreasonable £15 / $20.