The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth’s not-quite-live action trailer is DISGUSTING euuuggh

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth introduces floating babies. Natch.

Multiple bindings abound here. There’s Edmund McMillen, wrapped up in new game Mew-genics with partner-in-Meat Tommy Refenes. There’s his intensely popular roguelike-ish, The Binding of Isaac, trapped within the limitations of Flash. And then there’s Isaac himself, returning in an outsourced remake designed to see to all of the above.

The remake is named Rebirth, and its premise is outlined in a new trailer. A premise which, in case you’ve forgotten, is horrible.

Oh, yuck. Were they… puppets? No, I’m not going back in to find out. YOU do it.

Nicalis, them who ported VVVVVV rather successfully to 3DS, are handling development of Rebirth. It’ll see Isaac plonked in a new engine built to circumvent the bug and performance issues that plagued the original Flash game.

Also new: option 15-bit graphics, compulsory new enemies and items, and support for local co-op.

Yuck. You buying this when it slides onto Steam next year? I’m asking ‘cos it’s probably best to wear gloves if you do. Just saying.