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Blockscape: the latest voxel sandbox game


If you still don’t have enough voxels in your life, even with Minecraft, Guncraft and Cube World out there, then perhaps this Greenlight project will satisfy your cravings. Or, perhaps you just have some terrible addiction and you need serious, serious medical help. In that case, I can’t help. Sorry.

But I can tell you a little more about Blockscape, which shares the same Swedish origins as Minecraft. Developer Jens Blomquist says it’s “the next generation voxel sandbox game” and it certainly looks shinier and potentially more complex in its design. It’s currently in open beta, which allows you to build to your heart’s content, but Blomquist plans to include survival and tower defense modes with future updates, while the mysterious Phase 3 of his plan “is a secret.” I’m guessing it may be an attempt to convert the real world to voxels.

While we wait for that to happen, have a look at the Greenlight page for the game,pay a visit to the official Blockscape website or enjoy this very sunny video.