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Cube World now has four classes to swap between in-game


It’s about time you stopped thinking those thoughts. You know the ones: “This game looks like a common or garden Minecraft clone. Voxel the fuss about?” Well. First of all, congratulations on a fantastic pun. Second, let me direct you to this hang-gliding video, on the condition that you meet me back here in 20 minutes. Better? Better.

Now you’re a fan, you’ll be no doubt pleased to hear that Cube World’s class system has been fleshed out into four distinct but nonetheless familiar parts.

Now you’re a fan, you’ll be no doubt pleased to hear that Cube World’s class system has been fleshed out into four distinct, familiar parts.

It’s the traditional RPG quadrumvirate – warrior, ranger, mage, and rogue. The difference here is that you can swap between each as and when the mood takes you at the nearest village, to take advantage of their contrasting passive and active abilities.

Warriors are, as tradition dictates, close-combat naturals who can equip heavy armour, swords, axes, maces, greatswords, greataxes, greatmaces and shields, and pull all of them off with mega-pectoid-enabled flair. In Cube World, though, they can choose to specialise as either Guardians – granting increased health and defensive abilities – or Berserkers – whose war frenzy increases attack speed with every hit.

Rangers – medium-armoured, armed with bows or crossbows – can pick to become either Sniper or Scout, gaining accuracy or mid-range maneuverability respectively.

Spirit Mages – light armour, staffs and wands – passively generate spirit over time, which can be used to create spectacular fireworks. Fire Mages can use firebolts and fireballs offensively (nothing’s ruder than charring a new acquaintance), or heal allies with puddles as a Water Mage.

Rogues equip medium armour, and get the pick of daggers, fist weapons, longswords and, if developer Wollay has his way, shurikens. Specialised Assassins can ambush enemies in sneak attacks, while Ninjas counter and evade attacks.

All in all there’s a lot to umm and ahh over, but remember: there are no wrong choices when everybody can hand-glide.

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