Dice with death in SNOW’s Winter Olympics slopestyle run

SNOW slopestyle run

After just returning from a trip to some freezing, snow-clad mountains, I’m becoming rather intimate with my radiator and some hot chocolate, but some people can’t get enough of the bloody snow. Case in point: folk seem to be rather into this whole Winter Olympics thing I keep hearing about. 

SNOW, the open-world skiing and snowboard Early Access title, has just received an update, “Fochi 2014”, with a new run for slopestyle shenanigans. Not knowing much about winter sports or skiing, I had to ask Tim what slopestyle was. I leave his definition here for you in case you are equally out of the loop. “Slopestyle is where they push men and women down hills with ramps and rails on them, and see if they can fly/die.” Crikey.

Take a look at the run, below. 

You can grab SNOW on Steam now for $14.99, and the update went live today.