Distance goes the proverbial and reaches its Kickstarter target with only days left on the clock


With two days left on the clock Distance, the neon-themed driving game races over the finishing line in what could have turned into a bit of a car crash had the funding not received a nitrous injection of pledges. Onwards, to the stretch goals.

We wrote a little about Distance a weeks back when the Kickstarter first went live. Since then there’s been parkour videos and excitement in their Kickstarter updates:

I would make a pun about parking and parkour but Tim’s currently holding my dinner out of the window and will drop it if I make another bad pun.

On top of that there’s also been stretch goals. At $150,000 Refract will try and add
  • Loading/saving of replays
  • Many different camera angles including cinematic modes
  • Free camera
  • Fast forward/rewind/play/pause
  • Slow motion
  • Race against replays

If you want to have a look over the pitch and maybe make a pledge head over here, you’ve 56 hours till everything shuts down.