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Double Fine Presents Last Life: 4 hours to catch a killer on Mars, what’s a dead detective to do?

Double Fine Presents Last Life

With Escape Goat 2 being distributed to the masses, Double Fine has added another title to its fledgling indie publishing wing – Double Fine Presents. The game in question is Sam Farmer’s Last Life, a sci-fi noir adventure game that juggles a pulpy detective story, a striking cuboid art style and transhumanism. It’s also got a Kickstarter.

Last Life is inspired by the new wave of adventure games; the likes of The Walking Dead and Kentucky Route Zero, where story and atmosphere trumps puzzles. It looks like Last Life has both in spades. 

Private Dick Jack Parker is dead, murdered. That’s a bit rubbish. As is the fact that Earth is destroyed and everyone lives on Mars. But on the bright side, he’s been 3D printed and can now hunt down his killer. He has four hours.

But just because story and atmosphere are the focus, it doesn’t mean Last Life is light on some traditional adventure game traits. As Jack hunts for his killer, he has to use his deductive and investigative skills, and when all else fails, he can bribe, charm or get unpleasant when trying to get information out of MarsTopia’s unusual residents.

The Kickstarter is looking for $75,000, and in two days over $20,000 has been pledged.