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Edge of Space beta now available through Steam; somebody thought of the kittens


Back in October the developers of Edge of Space threatened kitten-kind, they said they’d donate $5,000 to Cat-Savers, a humane society for the treatment of felines. Of course, the inference of that is that not getting through Greenlight would deprive kittens of $5,000. A threat if ever I heard one.

It worked though and the game got through the vetting process and now it is available to buy through Steam.

Edge of Space has you colonise an alien world, fight space sharks armed with lasers, and navigate a game which looks a lot like a Terraria.

The various biomes of the world are all intent on hurting you in different ways – fire and ice both feature, as do aggressive plant life and natives – so you’ll need to build a well-protected space home, craft a few weapons, and get out into the wilds to give those aliens a good hiding.

As part of Steam’s Early Access programme, you can purchase a copy of Edge of Space now and gain immediate access to its beta. As the developers put out updates the Steam client will automatically bring your copy of the game up to scratch.

It really is excellent that a store as popular as Steam is supporting access to game betas, hopefully we’ll start seeing some larger developers taking advantage of the opportunity. Currently only Bohemia are on there with ArmA 3.