Epigenesis gains single player and new map

Epigenesis Dead Shark Triplepunch

Epigenesis is trundling along in Early Access, this week adding a major feature: single player. The future sport that one last year’s Make Something Unreal contest was, till now, a purely multiplayer affair, which, when the servers were empty, made playing the game a bit of a chore according to our Epigenesis review.

Now you can play against up to nine bots.

Plus, there’s a new level out to play against them on.

If you’ve not a had chance to play Epigenesis, it’s a little bit like football with lasers, jump pads, mutating plants, and the chance of falling to your death. Your team’s aim is to take the ball from the centre of the map and jump get it through your opponents goal. When you score you rewarded with the ability to grow a mutant plant tower on one of the map’s platforms. It’s easy to get the hang of with a little practice. Honest.

You can get a little more in depth with the whole thing by reading Jeremy’s coverage of the Make Something Unreal contest.

The new map, called Legacy Arena, is set around a mineshaft. Players at the top have a height advantage but they’ll need to go down low to get the ball. Jump pads and light bridges let you move around the map easily.

If you’ve bought Epigenesis through Steam then it should automatically update with the new mode and map.

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