Escape Goat 2 breaks out of its dungeon and onto PC today

Escape Goat 2 launches

Goats always seem a little lost. Sometimes you’ll find them on mountainsides or standing precariously on cliffs, and they just look out of place. Like they cracked open a few cans of special brew and just ended up there unexpectedly. 

There’s a good chance that cheap lager was the impetus for the goat from Escape Goat 2 getting lost in a dungeon. Poor wee drunk guy. If you feel any sort of sympathy, you might want to pick the game up, which you can do right now. Because it’s out. Obviously. 

Escape Goat 2 was finished by developer MagicalTimeBean at Omega Jam, where indie devs were able to collaborate with Double Fine in their studio. Double Fine’s publishing the game, and it’s the first time the studio has published a title it didn’t develop.

“This has been totally awesome,” said Greg Rice, senior publishing manager for Double Fine. “It’s super rad to be surrounded by other independent developers who are making cool stuff and are passionate about what they are doing. I’m really glad we could help them out and hope we can do this with more developers in the future!”

You can tackle the puzzle platformer and help the goat escape the dungeon by grabbing it on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store for £7.19/$8.99