Falling with style: Vlambeer’s latest, Luftrausers, gets its debut trailer


Luftrausers is out now; here’s our Luftrausers review.

The best thing you could do to get a mental hold on what Luftrausers is – and, conveniently enough, the best thing you could possibly do with your next half an hour – is play Luftrauser, the flash prototype Vlambeer have exploded in all directions for this, the commercial sequel.

Luftrausers is both ‘Asteroids plus gravity’ and so much more – a 2D Top Gun with the stated aim of makingyou feel like the coolest mother in the air.

If it’s anything like Luftrauser – and it is – it’ll actively encourage arrogance. My favourite move is to cut the engine, plummet toward the lip of the ocean with half a score screaming fighter jets in tow, before – at the tail end of the last moment – shooting off at a right angle, leaving hapless bads to sploosh to their shared doom. Yes.

You’ll want to be watching this video, because spawn-spamming a hundred player-controlled planes from the console is what PC gaming is all about.

You’ll also want to be reading our ode to GlitchHiker, the game that was programmed to die, in which Vlambeer had a hand.

What’ll it be for you, readers? Flying, or falling with style?