Farm Machines Championships 2014 has shark tractors

Farm Machines Championships 2014 has shark tractors

The life of a farmer, what a chore. Getting up before dawn, trudging out into the fields, climbing aboard your lumbering tractor and then racing other farmers for kicks. “Tractor racing!?” I hear you cry. “This doesn’t sound like the good old fashioned farming that made [insert country] what it is today!” Damn right. It’s reckless is what it is. 

Farm Machines Championships 2014 isn’t your grandfather’s farming; it’s edgy and is probably popular with part-time DJs. I mean, you can supe up your tractor and paint is purple, if that’s your thing. No flatcaps here. And it’s out now

That’s right – you just saw a tractor with wings. One of them is also clearly a shark-tractor hybrid.

With your winged or shark tractor, you can compete in races or transport grain like a boss. There are 40 events and did I mention that there’s a shark tractor?

Farm Machines Championships 2014 is out now on Steam for £8.39/$10.49 or £11.99/$14.99 after March 21st when the launch sale ends.