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Flockers is a take on the Lemmings games from the folk who made Worms

Flockers Team17

Flockers is a marriage of two of my favourite games, Lemmings and Worms. It sees you guiding a flock of sheep through levels constructed from saw blades, metal presses, and spike traps. One misstep and your sheep will be mutton faster than you can say “Mint sauce”.

Even better, the game’s being developed by Team17, the studio that made Worms in the first place. As such, expect violence induced giggles and bad accents.

While there’s no in-game footage yet, Team17 have released a short cinematic that gets across something of the tone of the game.

Is bloody a tone?

There’s not been a decent Lemmings game since Pygnosis were bought by Sony and became Sony Liverpool (which was recently closed and reborn as Firesprite). They were a spiffing series of puzzle games that saw you guiding a collective a little green haired folk in blue robes through a maze of noose traps, spike pits, and fire spewing pipes. Like an Oxford don at a rugby match, the Lemmings games left were clever and gleefully violent. They've been missed round these parts (these parts being the general locale of my bedroom. You’re all invited to that locale but, well, it might be a little awkward: my empty pick’n’mix cups are piling up).

According to the press release sent out by Team17, Flockers will be coming to Steam Early Access later this year.

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Dog Pants avatarJulian Benson avatarBelimawr avatarFatHorseHarry avatar
Dog Pants Avatar
4 Years ago

Seeing you explain what Lemmings is makes me feel old. I think there's room in the world for another Lemmings-like game though.

Julian Benson Avatar
4 Years ago

I thought I might be able to get away without explaining it but you know what these young people are like: ignorant of the classics.

Belimawr Avatar
4 Years ago

hell I said to someone I work with about carmageddon the other day and I just got blank stares, it does make you feel old at times, but then you realise you were around for most of the "market shaping" games and you don't feel so bad.

but this does look an interesting games and with the rise of the indies I just live in hope we can go back to the way gaming was in the 80's/90's with a lot of firms taking chances on things that hadn't been done before or just wasn't quite right the first time around.

FatHorseHarry Avatar
4 Years ago

If you like lemmings-like games, check out Pingus.