Gone Home will have Oculus Rift support only “if it makes sense”


Gone Home is a game about turning objects over in your hands – those “Cor, that’s a nice Aztec mask” moments from downtime Uncharted, sampled and looped into a three hour tale.

The Oculus Rift is a device that had Surgeon Simulator 2013 players trying to peek into their in-game pockets in the hope of glimpsing Half-Life 3 clues.

The perfect voyeuristic match, you might think. But Steve Gaynor’s tiny Portland outfit, The Fullbright Company, are wary of overdressing a game they consider pretty well finished.

“Gone Home as a pitch, as a concept, is really hard to expand in any meaningful way,” Gaynor told Digital Spy. “I think that for all intents and purposes, we accomplished what we wanted to with Gone Home.”

Fullbright updated Gone Home via Steam last week with an interactive developer commentary mode – but made no tweaks to the house itself or the story laid out on its bookcases and under its beds for players to discover.

“I’m really glad that we could add something like commentary mode,” said Gaynor. “And if it makes sense for it to have Oculus Support or whatever, that’ll be cool.”

After discussing a possible tablet version, he added: “Just like Oculus Rift, we have to see whether we can actually make it work and take a form that we don’t feel is compromised in any way.

“I’d rather not put out an additional version of the game compared to putting out an additional version that’s not really what it should be. So it’s all just figuring it out.”

We’ll just drop this here, I reckon, and let Steve figure out the rest. Could you be persuaded to walk the psycho house once more in VR?