Half life 2 mod Stanley Parable aiming for independent release


Exercise in clever oddity, The Stanley Parable is going to receive a full non-mod release. Well, if Greenlight has its way. The release would be a full HD remix of the game, though I think in this instance HD stands for Hot Donut (the universally acknowledged term for improved all round).

Trailer and further details below.

So, the Stanley Parable, an experiment in story-telling. Yes, another one. Though, if we’re taking score here, the Stanley Parable was originally released as a mod back in 2011. So, winner?

Anyway, before this descends into tangentia, the Stanley Parable HD remisis seeking your approval on Steam’s Greenlight service, which recently began approving games for the store. If Stanley doesn’t get the necessary number of votes, it does not mean that it won’t appear on Steam, only that we’ve failed in showing our love and appreciation. I hate failure so go vote now, team.

[Thanks for the spot, Rock Paper Shotgun]