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Hotline Miami is out today


It’s gaudy, gory and glorious. That much has been written in blood on this site and others numerous times in recent weeks. None of it is any less true right now, on the day of Hotline Miami’s release.

More than that, though, it makes an artform of trial and error. It probably uses the intestines of trial and error to do so, but anybody who tells you that crime can’t be art is just asking to be relieved of their own organs.

Hotline Miami presents you with a world as reactive as you are active, and asks you to plot a ultraviolent course through it. It’s out later today on Steam.

Further persuasion, if needed, can be found in our Hotline Miami preview. Once you’ve murdered that, hotfoot it to a nearby opening doorway just in time to meet our interview with its creator, Cactus, with a baseball bat to the mush.

Will you be whiling away the evening with a creative killing spree or three?