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Incredipede released; making odd creatures with too many legs now possible at home without hacksaw and unsavoury behaviour


If you’re the sort of person who looks at a dog and thinks “Why? Why did you stop there, God? I mean, it has no suction cups, its ball and socket joints only allow 270 degree motion. I bet if you asked it to climb an elevator shaft it would just stare at me and yip” before swiftly becoming an atheist, starting a business-centric cult and leading a quasi-religious revolution then Incredipede is for you.

Also if you really liked Fantastic Contraption.

It’s out now for the buying too, so even if you don’t fall into those two “niche” groupings then you can give it a go.

I wrote about this beautiful Island of Doctor Moreau-alike a couple of months ago because the trailer showing off its wood cut art style made it stand out from the crowd. See:

You must take your single-eyed Quozzle and develop it into a creature with complex limbs ideal for overcoming the obstacles between it and the level-completing fruit. We’ve seen this sort of game before, it has something of Spore’s creature creation and Fantastic Contraption’s game design but the look and sound of Incredipede makes it something well worth checking out.

Incredipede is available in all Good Old Games’ stores.