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Jazz Punk is about to make your weekend with this trailer


Jazzpunk is out now; jere’s our Jazzpunk review.

Blending the style of German pictogram artist Gerd Arntz with the frenetic pace of 60s Punk Jazz, Necrophone Games are working on a first person adventure comedy that looks simply awesome. Check out the trailer below because it really has to be seen to be made some sense of.

Delivered to our offices by a man in a fedora, this videowas in a dossier simply marked ‘Necrophone Games’ Youtube channel‘:

Awesome? Yes, it is isn’t it.

First point of comparison is clearly Blendo Games’ Thirty Flights of Loving (which Phill loved), it has that same rocketing pace, the same jerry-rigged game design, the same easy to read art style. All good things.

It’s impossible to know how it would play from the trailer, or how long a game it is, or anything of the story, but with a trailer that stylish I’m keen to find out more. Especially when you look at some of the other games Necrophone are responsible for:

Corvettaclysm is a multiplayer destruction derby where the cars literally beat the parts off each other. The graphics are inspired by a Playstation with a recursive VRAM error.”

Beetlenaut has you destroy a city with your hydraulic mandibles.

There’s currently no release date on Jazz Punk, the site only saying “Coming soon“.