Kerbal Space Program blasts into schools with KerbalEdu


This was always around the corner. With its technical detail and painstaking scientific accuracy, Kerbal Space Program was always going to be noticed by the education sector. We’ve already reported about how one professor used Kerbal as part of his high school class, but Kerbal is about to meet a wider range of students, thanks to KerbalEdu.

If you’re not familiar with Kerbal, why not check out our Kerbal Space Program review to find out what the fuss is about.

Kerbal creators Squad have partnered up with TeacherGaming to help modify KSP for educational purposes. TeacherGaming have been on the scene before with Minecraft Edu, which predictably made massive waves in the learning sector.

KerbalEdu isn’t live yet, but you can head over to the website for information on the project and its aims. TeacherGaming intends to make several features available in their first KerbalEdu update, including Metric system units so the game makes sense to people who upgraded to a logical measurement group. The UI will be altered to include an analyser and data collection tool for easier problem solving and summarization. There will also be a selection of pre-made lessons included that will plot out missions requiring solutions based on a specific scientific method or formula.

Schools and education institutes will be able to pick up Kerbal Space Program at a discount if they wish to make use of KerbalEdu. To any physics teachers reading: do it. As much fun as making water bottle rockets was, it taught me sod all about space travel.