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Legend of Dungeon Kickstarter launches with free demo; stretch goals include a bard with an electric guitar


Over the weekend I posted a short trailer of the beautiful side-scrolling roguelike Legend of Dungeon, well it’s now headed to Kickstarter with a free demo for you to test your mettle. RobotLovesKitty are only looking for $5,000 and have raised 10% of that in the first hour since it went live so this could be a bit of a quick one. That said, it’s the stretch goals that you will really want to check out.

Right, there’s an order to all this. First up pitch video, lifted from pitch page:

Next: Link to the demo (you’ll need to install the Unity web plugin, but that’s all through the link).

Description of the game: As I said before, Legend of Dungeon is a side-scrolling roguelike that asks you to descend 26 floors of a dungeon, fighting your way through nasties the whole way, and then, once you’ve collected all the loot that’s to be had down there, climb all the way back up again.

Unlike most roguelikes, Legend supports local multiplayer for four players. By the looks of things it positively encourages it, with its many, many, many enemies.

Aaaand, stretch goals:

>$10k – Pet systemTame pets in the dungeon. Train them to collect gold and attack monsters!

  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Hawk
  • Cat
  • Rooster

$20k – 4 Unlockable player classes!

  • Wizard/Sorcerer– Because starting with MagicMissilesisAWESOME
  • Doctor/Nurse– Support Class!
  • Thief– Pickpocket andInvisibility!
  • Knight– …the Tank

$30k – 4 More Unlockable Classes!

  • Hunter– Starts with a wolf!
  • Cowboy/Girl– GUNS!
  • Necromancer– Summon stuff!
  • Bard– Has an Electric Guitar, Rocks Out!

$40k – More Pets\Companions!

  • Succubus
  • Dwarf(yes, the guy from the tavern!)
  • Robot
  • Golem
  • Valkyrie

$50k – Dark Forest Expansion

  • Leave the Dungeon and explore the forest! Discover the secrets of the great spirit! All new Content! Hats, Monsters, Weapons!

$100k – Over World

  • A Complete RPG with storylines, quests,multiple dungeons to raid and a huge world to explore!

Pets, electric guitars, robots, cowgirls! Fun things aplenty.

If you like the look of Legends of Dungeon you can go read the rest of RobetLovesKitty’s Kickstarter here.