Legend of Grimrock 2 hits alpha, but won’t be a Steam Early Access title

Legend of Grimrock 2 alpha

Legend of Grimrock 2, sequel to Almost Human’s first-person dungeon crawler, has now hit alpha. The developers are calling it a hard alpha, as the game can already be played beginning to end. Balancing and polishing is on the agenda, “but in a sense the game is now ‘whole’,” said Almost Human. It’s due out this year. 

While it’s become increasingly common for indie devs to jump on board the early access train, Almost Human told RPS that it would not be going down that route. “We are kind of old-fashioned and want to release the game in a polished condition, so Steam Early Access is not planned,” Almost Human said. “We are going to have preorders though.”

The next step is to get the game to beta.

“And like the natural order of things typically is, after alpha comes beta and that’s where we’re heading next! To get there, me and Petri have been doing a systematic polishing round for all the levels,” the developer explained. “Or maybe I should be talking about “areas” instead since each area that we tackle contains, technically speaking, 1-4 levels of varying sizes. Each day we pick one area of the game that we concentrate on and for the duration of the day we work only in improving that one place.”

The original Legend of Grimrock was a challenging throwback to the days when PC desks were littered with graph paper covered in maps and puzzle notes. I hadn’t played anything like it on PC in years, and it reminded me how much I loved (and sometimes hated) first-person dungeon adventures.

Cheers, RPS.