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Life after BioShock: Ex-Irrational devs found Day for Night Games and tease The Black Glove


The winding down of Irrational Games earlier this year was rather a large surprise. The BioShock developer had seen a slew of successes from System Shock 2 to BioShock Infinite. But Ken Levine wanted to do something new, and that meant a lot of people wouldn’t be sticking around. 

That might not be such a terrible thing, though, as a group of ex-Irrational folk have banded together to create Day for Night Games, and their first project, The Black Glove, is a game of changing history to improve the work of three artists in the present. 

Set in a theatre, The Equinox, the first-person game sees players fiddling with the pasts of an artists, filmmaker and a musician. Altering history changes the world and games narrative, and making mistakes can have interesting ramifications, Day for Night’s Joe Fielder told Polygon.

“There are certain games of skill and chance that allow us to interact with what you might call fourth-dimensional space,” said Fielder. “The goal is to satisfy the whims of the creator, the critic and the crowd. You’re trying to improve the use of these creators’ works in the present by changing their past.”

“The story will tie directly into the gameplay,” Fielder continued. “Even a wrong turn, even misinterpreting a hint or just experimenting could produce interesting results. You’ll have all these different sites to see, wonders to behold. There’ll be large changes to the narrative and to the world around you.”

Day for Night Games is going down the Kickstarter route, and isn’t going to reveal too much about the game until the crowdfunding campaign goes live next month.

It’s interesting that the team is creating a narrative driven game, especially when that’s why Levine downsized Irrational Games into Irrational Studios.

Cheers, Polygon.