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Mojang Humble Bundle game jam complete; not too late to buy the bundle


It’s been a hard 78 hours, fraught with chipped nails, energy drinks, and the smell of cold hard coding, but Mojang’s second Mojam has come to a close with no fatalities, for the second year running. The event ended with nine games rapidly developed for those who paid into the more-than-$450,000 donation pot.

Below you can find an over view of each of the nine projects, including surprise entry Nuke the Dinosaurs.

You can get a little background on the event from this handy introductory video:

Shamelessly ripped from the Mojang blog post, here’s what they all managed to come up with:

Mojang’s Striped Zebras contingent took the theme ‘French Nuclear Spaceship’ game and created side-scrolling shooter Battle Frogs:

Wolfire, the team behind rabbit-themed fighter Overgrowth, took ‘Nuclear Endless War’ to mean they should make low-poly shooter Low-light:

Another of Mojam’s teams, Giraff Macka, was assigned ‘Endless Nuclear Kittens’ and went on to make, predictably, Endless Nuclear Kittens, an Asteroids-alike shmup:

Grapefrukt developed the snazzy-looking puzzle game Tektonic:

Ludosity were saddled with the Interplanetary Void theme, leading to the awesome Space Hunk:

It makes as much sense as this picture.

Vlambeer, them what made the excellent Luftrauser, took the’Wasteland kings’ theme in both hands and made Wasteland Kings:

Finally, we haveMojang’sCyborg Hippo and their’Nuclear Pizza War’ theme to make the same-titled Nuclear Pizza War:

But wait, there’s more, late in the day another team formed at Mojang to develop Nuke the Dinosaurs. They weren’t assigned a theme but opted to stick with the tone and bring violent death to living creatures:

If you didn’t donate over the event and think you might have missed your chancethen there’s nay need to worry, Humble Bundle are granting a short grace period for anyone caught by the Mojam creations and wish to pick up a copy. See if you can beat the anonymous $100,000 donation.