To the Moon gets some free holiday DLC

Free To the Moon DLC

Cerebral adventure RPG To the Moon has been updated with a spot of free DLC, in the form of a holiday special minisode. Doctors Watts and Rosalene return in this 20 minute caper; one you’re meant to finish in a single sitting. There’s no saving, no menus – it’s just a short, lighthearted tale set in Sigmund Corp. over the holiday season.

You can download it directly from the Freebird Games site, but a Steam patch should have already added it to your game folder, where you can select it manually and take it for a spin. To the Moon was lovely, and free DLC – even if it’s only a morsel – is also lovely, so everything’s lovely. Lovely. 

Kan Gao also has a wee update about A Bird Story, the adventure short which has been a bit delayed. Gao admits that there’s no release date and that while it’s a short game, it’s also a very personal project and there are some elements Gao wants to sort out instead of compromising it for the sake of getting it out there quickly.

Gao’s added some new preview tracks to the OST, however, which might sate your appetite for a little while longer.