Prison Architect alpha coming in next 90 days; also, t-shirts


Prison Architect has broken free onto Early Access; here’s our Prison Architect review.

If you dream of managing little captives, structuring their basic needs, and encouraging them not to knife each other to death faster than anyone can say “He’s wearing a wire”, then you have less than 90 days to wait before you can adopt the role of a prison warden in Introversion’s Prison Architect. If you can’t wait that long, my old primary school in Birmingham’s looking for a new head teacher.

You will be able to access the alpha via a pre-order of the game, though said ordering method has not yet opened. Until then you are permitted to gnash your teeth in anticipation and watch this trailer:

Now, the 90 day date was revealed by Introversion in response to a question from a twitter-er:

“@lewisgj The Prison Architect Alpha will be launched in the next 90 days.That kind of answer your q?— IntroversionSoftware (@IVSoftware) September 5, 2012

But that’s not to say the game has to take 90 days to be released. In an interview with PC Gamer back in February Priston Architect’s creative director, Chris Delay, said that the alpha would be out “maybe September time”. Of course, schedules change and dates are pushed back, in seven months that date may have been changedbut there’s been nothing said to that effect.

Once the alpha is released, Delay plans to release an update for the game every four weeks.

In other news, Introversion have begun their merchandising for the game. Check it out, T-shirts.