Project Reality 2 announced. This time it’s a standalone CryEngine mod


Project Reality took eight years to make. The Battlefield 2 conversion added new weapons, factions, maps, features, balances, magic, and, well, pretty much everything. It changed all the things.

Now the team are regrouping to develop a new game. This time it will be a standalone release developed in the CryEngine. It looks /very/ pretty.

“Our mission is to create the most realistic, immersive and demanding shooter within a virtual combat environment, focusing on encouraging teamwork through tactical gameplay,” write the Project Reality team.

“Project Reality 2 began in mid 2012 and is being created completely from scratch using Crytek’s next generation game engine, CryEngine 3 SDK.

“We are currently developing an initial Alpha build, which will hopefully be ready for internal testing within the next two months. Since Project Reality 2 is a standalone game, everything must be built from scratch, thus requiring more production time than PR’s previous projects. A public release is still away off.”

The initial release “will be a small scale, infantry based FPS with a comprehensive weapon handling system that will aim to be as realistic as possible.” It’s about getting the core features and tone of the game established.

Maps, too, will be small affairs, between 1km and 2km in size.

As development ramps up the team will be focusing on developing new maps, weapons, and implementing the game’s different factions.

As the team say, release is still a long way off but it’s great to see a modding team turn independent.

Cheers, PC Gamer.