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Ravensdale is quite the departure from Black Forest Games’ Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams


Black Forest Games have headed off the beaten path with their newly announced game Ravensdale. Not to be pigeonholed into the role of developing a string of platformers based around the plane-switching sisters, they’ve announced their next game will be a four-player side-on shooter set in a Steampunk fantasy world.

Looks as pretty as Giana Sisters though, so it’s not all change.

You and up to three pals/acquaintances/enemies will fight your way through levels against hordes of advancing orcs armed to the teeth with sharp, weighty objects. Luckily you’re kitted to the nines with guns and other incendiary devices.

Work on the game is in the early stages, design drafts of the Ravensdale are in place but Black Forest are still very much working out the mechanics. When the team have had more time working with the prototypes they’ll be taking the project to Kickstarter, much as they did with Giana Sisters, to fund its full development.

It looks like we’re entering a new stage of the Kickstarter lifespan, we’re seeing a number of developers returning to Kickstarter to fund a subsequent project, having already completed one crodfunded game. Double Fine, Inxile, and now Black Forest.

Cheers, Eurogamer.