Realistic-ballistic roguelike FPS Receiver is on Steam now


Some of the world’s most talented developers have been known to crumble under the pressure of game jams, but all of Wolfire man David Rosen’s best work seems to have emerged from festivals of code, clock-watching and energy drinks. While I’ve yet to muster the requisite enthusiasm to buy into the Overgrowth alpha after six years of rabbit-rendering, Receiver succeeded in capturing the public imagination after just seven days of development. Now, less than a year later, it’s on Steam.

In Receiver, players are tasked with finding and retrieving 11 tapes scattered around its procedurally-generated world before death sends them reeling back to the start. They’re given a gun with which to dispatch drones and turrets – a mission made infinitely more complicated by realistic gun handling and reloading. Observe:

Give £3.19 and thou shalt Receiver all over Steam, at least until Monday, from which point onwards Wolfire’s gun maintenance and bot-shooting sim will cost £3.99. Extortionate.

And for the record, Wolfire’s best game is still the excellent low-poly psychic bodyguard FPS Black Shades, made in a matter of hours at some point during 2002.

Receiver was one of ten games Steam Greenlit at the end of February. What game would you like to see next adorned in the fetching grey palette of Valve’s distribution service?

Thanks, RPS.