Valve greenlight 10 more games, including War Thunder and Distance


Valve have once more swooped down from their castle’s keep to select the most popular fatted calves, bring them back within their walls, and offer them up to be feasted upon by we, the customer. Among the tasty ewes this time are recently-made-popular-by-its-Pirate-Bay-ads Anodyne, neon-infused driving game Distance, the brutal QWOP-esque Surgeon Simulator 2013.

The full list is included below.

As with previous greenlights, if something is on the list below it doesn’t mean it will appear in the Steam store immediately, only that it now has an entry pass to the store for when the developers are ready to release.

The list appeared over on the Steam news channel and is split between software titles and games. First up, the software:

And the games: