Road Redemption overtakes its Kickstarter goal two days ahead of deadline


Indie biking-and-booting sim Road Redemption has secured a future for itself after passing its $160,000 Kickstarter goal by a chain’s-length.

At time of writing there are 43 hours left to go in DarkSeas Games’ bid to make a spiritual successor to Road Rash. But thanks to a final two-day press push by its creators, it’s already more than $3000 over its minimum target.

DarkSeas won’t be easing off the pedal even a little bit, however: the developers are promising Oculus Rift support if they can hit $198k before the Kickstarter project ends on Sunday.

Let’s take a look at what that might look like:

JESUS CHRIST. I think we’d better get that funded and all, don’t you?